Fraud Investigator Jobs in Las Vegas, NV

fraud investigations las vegas

Fraud investigations las vegas


To compute these estimates, we look at job-specific and company-specific attributes from the millions of salaries contributed by the Glassdoor community. Fraud Investigator jobs in Las Vegas, NV. There are 41 Fraud Investigator job openings in Las Vegas. Search Fraud Investigator jobs in Las Vegas with Glassdoor. Get hired. United States, ranking second only to tax evasion. A recent study by Conning & Co. estimated that fraud cost the private insurance industry $96 billion dollars annually. The cost of this crime is passed onto law-abiding citizens in the form of the increased cost to purchase and maintain insurance coverage. The United States General Accounting Office has issued a report noting career criminals and organized criminal groups are committing health care fraud. IFU is funded by a pro-rata sliding scale assessment against each insurance company operating in the State of Nevada. The assessment amount is based upon the total amount of premiums written by the company. The low end of the assessment is $500, with the maximum amount being $2,000. Eighty-five percent of this money is distributed to our office;15% goes to the insurance commissioner. We receive no general fund money to operate, i.e., tax dollars. Your employee's job description with a descriptive list of duties and responsibilities is essential to establish this crime. ATM card without permission, we still need the Credit Card Policy of your business, but in addition you will need to report the loss or theft of your credit and ATM cards to the card issuers as quickly as possible. Many companies have toll-free numbers and 24 - hour service to deal with such emergencies. It's a good idea to follow up your phone calls with a letter. Do not leave your employee documents unsecured on site, or accessible to anyone other than top management. Many times at small businesses the suspect employee will take their employee file so we have no identification for them other than a name. Dual control on money whenever counted, moved or taken for deposit.