6 Juicy Criminal Cases that Used Computer Forensics

computer forensic investigation cases

Computer forensic investigation cases


FBI investigators contacted Yahoo to obtained the IP address for the person who had used the screen name, then contacted Verizon to learn the name and physical address of the Verizon subscriber to whom that IP address had been assigned. Melton left his computer with the store. Subsequent analysis by the store found that some of the viruses kept re-attaching themselves to movies. James Kent, a professor of public administration at Maris College in Poughkeepsie, NY, started a researching child pornography for a book that he was planning on the topic. In June 2000 he abandoned the project and deleted his copies of the files. In 2005 his computer was replaced by the college, but the files from his old computer were copied to the new computer. In 2007 Kent, now 63, complained to his school's IT department that his college-provided computer not functioning properly. IT department discovered a large number of pictures of "of very young girls, some scantily dressed in sexually suggestive poses." Kent maintained that the photos were left over from his research efforts and that he did not have access to the files. Kent is charged with 141 counts of possession in child pornography. Nancy Cooper. At Cooper's murder trial, Det. Jim Young described how he had attempted to access text messages on the phone but instead wiped the phone's memory by repeatedly entering incorrect SIM lock codes and PUK codes. Prosecutors alleged that between July 2006 and January 2008 Cameron had uploaded child pornography to a Yahoo photo album using five different aliases. New categories of crimes were even created to account for this phenomenon, such as hacking and email fraud. During his reign of terror, he often taunted police with letters and poems, but no one could ever link the killings to anyone. UK computer forensics experts, they discovered that he had downloaded instructions on how to do a number of frightening things – like build suicide belts and other types of explosives. He also commonly had live chats with people where he talked about being a terrorist and wanting to see Americans and Jews killed.